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snail race

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Il fait super chaud mais je peux pas enlever mon pull parce qu'on voit encore mes marques de scarification

Time feels so long today at work, still two and a half hours, send help

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promotion du projet ulule d'une copine, :boost_ok:​ svp 

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Please don’t argue about something so trivial. Otherwise, the computer will laugh at you.

Had a cool weekend, getting closer to some friends, kinda sad it's over. Today is a busy day at work, wish they would just say "work remotely because of Coronavirus"

Out of the Hospital, had a wonderful weekend, finally back to work tomorrow

Being at the hospital feels like eternity, only has been two about 10 days or so

Rupture - FR 

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Sad times incoming 

Santé mentale, besoin de conseils 

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Je commence ma mission chez Bouygues Telecom lundi, prions pour que je ne me défenestre pas

Basically I'll be a front-end developer for a consulting agency and my first mission will be at one of France biggest internet providers

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