#introductions post! 

I'm Sage!! I use they/them pronouns, but he/him and neb/nebs are also accepted ^_^ I have a lot of interests. I like drawing, playing Destiny 2 and Pokemon, and watching anime and youtube videos. My birthday is 11/23.

#introductions post! 

Here's some of my characters-

The character in my icon is my JoJoSona, Onyx Vantablack. They're a geologist + botanist that also researches Stands and how they connect to their users, since his stand appeared after a series of unfortunate events that occurred in their youth. Their Stand is a horrorterror named ╰ MONSTERS ╮ after the Shinedown song. He's a generally aloof person and keeps to himself, and was born in Florida to an immigrant family. He moved after he reached adulthood and getting a degree in the field of sciences he loves the most, and they now currently reside in Italy.

They really love, well, rocks! They also enjoy pumpkin spice coffee and goth clothing.

I may or may not use him for selfship stuff. :3c

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