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hi i'm Hal and I have bunch of different accounts all over the fediverse but I'm striving for a tiny friendly instance because my other accounts grew up and I feel bad losing followers on them by posting dumb shit

*I'm in my 20s
*a dude
*an idiot
*pretty much that's all I'm boring and dumb and looking for friends all the time

stupid weather is single digits this weekend and I wanted it to be hot

I'm looking forward to this weekend so I can hang out with friende, he will try out my skateboard

if I see the word girldick again on my tl I'm gonna fucking explode

imagine being a trans person who's not constantly talking that they're trans

today I learned there are people who use different pronouns depending on their mood


Neon genesis evangelion is such a bad anime they had a chance to actually extend the story and tell us more about evas and shit but instead it's just and Jesus signs everywhere I'm so mad. pissed and upset. and shinji sucks

I didn't get shat on though so it's fine because I passed through quickly lol

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