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i found this old picture of me in my things. i was such a cute kid 😍

me: man diavolo is a huge bastard >:(
also me drawing him over and over:

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*throws on the worst fucking outfit i could possible pick*

went to torment fugo and immediately tormented myself with This One Post

trying to figure out where the FUCK my nendoroid is has not been a fun escapade and continues to look as if its not gonna be fun

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before i go remember when the way i drew ghiaccio's hair made any form of sense at all lmao. NOT ANYMORE SWEATY

lets see uhhh
in the meantime heres some life updates:
- still depressed
- still in hell
- still a filthy kinnie
- now single


i havent been on here since march so im dropping my tumblr in case anyone wants to like. keep up with this whole mess

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