We hope you're ready to learn about the advantages of being dragged by your own horse because it's time for today's episode, "I'm Not Here To Win, I'm Here To Make Friends"!!!


We hope you're ready to hear about teeny tiny horses because it's time for today's episode, "Gyro Is Packing"!!!


We hope you're ready to learn about romance, buddy movies, disability in media, and the meaning of balls because it's time for today's episode, "He Put All His Stats in 'Horse'"!!


Podcast Recommendation: Explain JoJo 

So the folks over at @explainjojo just started podcasting about part 7. I already read it (because of then) and I'll try reread along.

If you have always been meaning to give JoJo a shot, this could be a great opportunity because the podcast is not only hilarious it also adds so much information and context for stuff that it is a really great companion to enjoy JoJo.

You can also do it with the other parts, and watch the animes too. It is really a great podcast and it increased my enjoyment of JoJo greatly. I can't recommend it enough.

The podcast, JoJo on the other hand has some OOF stuff in it so it is hard to recommend to anybody, even tho I love it.

It's here... our new season of JoJo's Bizarre Explainer on this auspicious day, the 130th anniversary of start of the greatest gay cowboy race of all time: STEEL BALL RUN!!! We discuss the first manga issue in this week's episode:


We hope you're ready for extended discussion of the Spice Girls because it's time for today's episode, "I Am Thou, Thou Art I"!!!


We hope you're ready for some soft cute hands because it's time for this week's episode, "Questions About Ghost Physics"!!!


It's time for today's episode, "Ball-Shaped Objects", where we use a rat hunt as an excuse to ship Jotaro and Rohan!


We went and saw the Mob Psycho 100 s2 premiere in the theater, which was cute!

Okay. Here we are. It's time for us to dissect the most pivotal episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in today's episode, "Let's Go On a Date"!!! explainjojo.com/episodes/s04e1

Koichi gets to the protagonist of his very own otome game in today's episode, "Sometimes You Have to Pee Your Pants to Grow Your Stand"!!! explainjojo.com/episodes/s04e0

You'd better be ready for some light kidnapping, force feeding, and nonconsensual shibari because it's time for today's episode, "A Healthy Relationship"!!!


We hope you're ready for someone to canonically attempt to have sex with their own stand because it's time for today's episode, "Rainbow Halo Fake Josuke"!!!


It's time for today's episode where we talk to Speedwagon Foundation scientists who unanimously agree that Okuyasu is, genetically speaking, 50% baby duckling. Get ready for "I See This Is Your First Time"!!!


Here's your preview of tomorrow's episode, "Putting the Spirit of Defeat in Your Soul"!!!

FACT: Jotaro Kujo does not recognize Columbus Day but he DOES recognize Columbo Day.

This is it! Season 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Explainer! We finally tackle Diamond is Unbreakable! WE REALLY LIKE THIS SEASON!! explainjojo.com/episodes/s04e0

Who would win in a fight if they were both really angry? Jotaro Kujo or the Hulk?

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