Tbh Modiphius is... not my favorite ttrpg developer, but I imagine there'll be plenty of good setting stuff that I can strip out to use in Blades of the Dark or something

I know it's not exactly an obscure title anymore, and I don't think it's wrong to enjoy the game purely on a comic level, but I sincerely hope that it'll get the attention it deserves for more than just the goofy stuff

(it is very funny though)

The characters aren't real people in that they behave realistically, but their mannerisms often stem from the very real pain of that collective experience. It's caricatured, but this is what poverty can do to people. Funny and sardonic, sure, but anchored by earnest tragedy.

The ways that we find to comfort ourselves and others, the ways we contort ourselves to fit it better, the ways we push back against it, the ways we try to dull the pain, the ways that we recreate those unjust hierarchies purely because we can't imagine another way of living

Disco Elysium is a complicated game with a lot going on, and I don't think I can sum up my thoughts so far with a tweet, but more than any other major release I've played it understands the collective experience of living in a society built for the success of very few

It must be extremely difficult to write a game with lots of branching, interesting conversations, while trying to account for every possible combination of things a player has done and learned, which is evidenced by the fact that nobody has gotten it right yet

I beat Disco Elysium

It's mostly as good as people say but as much as it's probably the best example of the particular type of game it is (cRPG or whatever you wanna call it) it still suffers from a number of that genre's constraints

If they put the Plok soundtrack on Spotify it's over for me, I'll forget what a guitar is

I'm worried about the amount of video game soundtracks they're putting on Spotify, I was forced to listen to real music for a while there

Really most of my gameplay for a while there was 'how can I optimize this thing that absolutely does not need optimizing'

Thinking about playing Factorio again and remembering how trying to work out the optimal way to unload trains took up basically 100% of my time for a while there

My bf trying to remember the new Smash DLC characters name: "Blethany? Bayleth? Blytheny? Bethel?"

Plus they'd be goofy as hell, which is the best thing a Smash character can be imo

Honestly though I'd love either Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright to get in, there's this whole era of great Nintendo DS story based puzzley games like those two Hotel Dusk or Another Code (I'd argue 999 too) that Nintendo just kinda forgot about

Don't forget the part where they both have a thing for teachers dating their students

Nice of them to put Persona and Fire Emblem in the same DLC pack so I can skip both of the games that are shitty to women and queer people at the same time

Instead of generic anime with a sword it's generic anime with a sword and also a couple of other weapons

I'm going to bed

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