tout ce que je veux c'est une façon encryptée de sauvegarder les trucs que je veux lire plus tard, mais je veux les lire sur leur site d'origine :(

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j'ai essayé Framabag, l'alternative de Framasoft à Pocket, et c'est plutôt sympa mais y a le même problème que sur Pocket : pas moyen de lui demander d'ouvrir l'article original automatiquement

Big day tomorrow, Finland's celebrating 100 years of independence!

we killed our target
the gm never said we had to survive in order to win

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i once killed the entire table, myself included, by summoning a nuclear bomb

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wonder what it's like to play a tabletop rpg and not cause the death of all the other players

I really like the new Firefox but the one thing where I think it falls a bit short compared to Safari, and possibly Chrome, is that there's no "auto detect language" in the spellcheck thingy, which is a bit of a shame for people like me who write in three or four different languages on a daily basis :/

the good thing about playing tabletop RPGs through discord is that you can inconspicuously google up how to make poison so you can backstab your teammates

Anybody here speak Arabic? I'm wondering if there's any difference between a middle-of-the-word غ‎ and ف?

Are there any advantages of GNU Social over Mastodon or is it just a matter of which UI you prefer?

I've been training my arabic pronunciation and now I'm hyperventilating because I've just been saying ه then ح then ه and so on for like ten minutes

in english you can say "maybe", "mayhaps", and "perhaps" but not "perbe". That's kind of a shame

I need to work on my korean a bit, I'm forgetting hangeul way too fast

(the arrow's cropped a bit awkwardly but that's because I had to scale it down aggressively and I did it quick and dirty, it's not the css' fault)

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I should probably use my Haruhi icon for a little bit so more people know it's me

by "I can see the matrix" I mean "I can see that nearly all european, north-african, middle-eastern, and west-asian scripts are evolved from the same common ancestor so it's actually easy to understand most scripts from that area provided that you know the most historically significant ones"

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I'm at that point in language-nerdiness where I just saw an unknown script and I could still read it. I can see the matrix

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