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I don’t think I fully understand why semver & the hackage PVP treat added API as non-breaking changes when it can (in some languages) break compilation downstream by e.g. introducing ambiguity.

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At the risk of making the world’s easiest prediction, we’re about to hear loud commentary about how RMS is the real victim here.

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Voir les nouvelles sur le réchauffement climatique et se dire que le film de SF qu'on est parti pour vivre c'est ce navet de waterworld...

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I have become exceptionally good at cutting toxic people and situations out of my life.

20's me would ignore all the signs.

30's me would see those signs but think it was her fault.

40's me will cut that cord faster than you can say "What the fuck just happened?"

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J'ai des collèques qui ne mettent pas de formule de politesse dans leurs messages de commit et leurs issues. Obligé de les dénoncer aux RH :/

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Enfin, pour la formule de politesse, oubliez le "cordialement". nos relations ne sont pas cordiales. Préférez les longues formules de politesses dont le sens est parfois abscons, ou un plus sobre "respectueusement". Vos enseignants utiliseront peut être autre chose. Mais pas vous

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@pcwalton@twitter.com Rebuttal: use languages you enjoy programming in. Write code instead of “My language is better than yours” blog posts

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If Adama saying jump does not give you the chills I do not know what to say to you.

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And if Bear McCreary's rendition of All Along the Watchtower doesn't either I feel bad for you:


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Meaning that some people will constantly be spending orders of magnitude more energy merely to keep up with the normal flow of the day

Some people can't keep it up and burn out. Some people can't do it at all and just don't get hired

Important to highlight!

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The concept of masking is crucial to be aware of!

If you're not, it's easy to feel like "but like 99% of the people around me seem to do just fine, why can't we just cope with these environments?"

It might look like it, but for some people, "keeping the mask" up is exhausting

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@fo0_@twitter.com Mes collègues m'ont signalé mon erreur avec ce tweet que j'ai fait sans avoir pris connaissance de l'affaire, j'ai préféré supprimé.

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It’s good that Stallman is out of the FSF, but it’s important that what got him removed was his writing that child sex trafficking victims probably wanted it, and not the preceding decades of creepy behavior, which the FSF was fine with.

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