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@jplarger@twitter.com @handicap_gouv@twitter.com @Handicap_fr@twitter.com @apfhandicap@twitter.com @CHandicaps@twitter.com rien à voir avec les écolos, les emplacements de stationnement à moins de 5m d'un passage piéton ne sont plus au norme depuis le début de l'année. Les changement à faire avant 2027, mais plutôt ce sera fait mieux ce sera. La place handicapé sera surement déplacé juste avant

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"It affects virtually nobody," Trump says of the coronavirus, which has now killed 200,000 Americans and counting

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Man who was part of a posse that shot an unarmed black woman 8 times in her bedroom, claims to have done the right MORAL AND ETHICAL THING. twitter.com/TessaDuvall/status

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Est justifié le licenciement du salarié qui, sur son lieu de travail, crie « Paris, Paris, on t'encule ! » à la fin de la minute de silence en hommage aux victimes des attentats du 13 novembre 2015.

Cour d'appel de Grenoble, 28 mars 2019, n°17/01476

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@NetflixFR@twitter.com on ne peut pas dire que vous encouragiez la création française...

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Appel d'un inconnu sur mon téléphone d'expertise: "j'ai un problème avec ma borne wifi, vous pourriez m'aider?"
Moi: "heu non, je suis expert judiciaire, pas SAV..."
Lui: "oui, mais vous feriez quoi?" 1/3

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Strongly recommended reading from @Pinboard@twitter.com for anyone panic-giving to political causes right now


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"But Alicia some autistics are incontinent and dont speak"

so are some neurotypicals, what is your point? People are conflating autism and learning difficulty again. You can be autistic and have a learning disability. You can be non autistic and have one

But they are different

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There are currently 2.1k open PRs on the repository.

How can we improve this situation? A lot of them are really simple updates or new packages that should be merged immediately.

/cc @zimbatm@twitter.com @domenkozar@twitter.com

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Just started publishing some of the little tools I’ve built for identifying hate follows, sharing block lists, searching the Wayback Machine for deleted tweets, etc.: github.com/travisbrown/cancel-

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I recommend Haskell users looking for an IDE use Haskell Language Server (github.com/haskell/haskell-lan) rather than Ghcide. HLS includes Ghcide as a library, and builds on it, so you get all the Ghcide goodies and more!

See neilmitchell.blogspot.com/2020 for more details.

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This class has 9 different overloads for its constructor, and some of them have a bunch of business logic that others just plain don't, and the code path you take varies by single parameters and I just wanna pass in a single thing 😭

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Bolzano et Weierstrass.
Parce qu'ils sont bornés et admettent donc une sous-suite convergente. twitter.com/1HommeAzerty/statu

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sometimes there's a Bad Take and you never actually saw the Take but you see the third order subtweet ripple and logically work backwards to guess the Take

anyway this is basically how we detect most uncommon particles in accelerators and cloud chambers

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Every team’s deployment process should aim for “hit the merge button on github dot com, computers do the rest”

my current team does this for a control plane that manages millions of databases, your team can do it too

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