HRT, begposting, fucking bank fees 

My HRT is ready for pick up and I'm terrified, I don't have the prior authorization yet for my medicaid to cover the cost- I only have the $100 in my bank for it and nothing else for the rest of this month if that's the case.

I can get my HRT- I'm just likely going to overdraw my account, get charged for being poor, and not be able to get toilet paper and my other medications this month. To make things worse I have some personal debts I need to pay back to friends who helped me through a rough break recently.

If anyone's got a little bit to spare so I can avoid the $50 charge and get my HRT and maybe other things without going into the negative this month that'd be amaze. My follow up on the HRT is on the 22nd and I really just do not want to lapse back into the depression I *just* escaped while waiting. 😭​

I hate begging personally, so anyone that throws $10 or more at me is gonna get the entire library of music I've composed thrown at them in thanks! |D


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