Ableism, HRT desperation, Suicidal depression, and beg posting 

I hate it here and I want to die. The literal only things standing between me and my HRT is money.

I can overdraft my bank account and go absolutely fucking broke and then get charged out the ass for being poor and fucking disabled- just to get my testo which has been waiting on me for over two goddamn weeks now.

Or I can keep harassing everyone on my medical team for months more until those fucking cunt-rolls stop trying to pass the buck to anyone else just because cis-het doctors are afraid of giving prior authorization for a mentally disabled trans masc enby's HRT.

"I'm sorry you're suicidal, but my career-" Well then fucking resign bitch. Fucking. Resign.

It costs $90 some odd fucking dollars for my testo and I'm still jumping up and down on as many phone desks as possible basically screaming "JUST SEND IT THE GODDAMN FUCK THROUGH ALREADY" while every clerk is telling me "Oh no, you have to get __ to authorize thaaaaaat!"

I want to burn American healthcare to the fucking GROUND.

re: Ableism, HRT desperation, Suicidal depression, and beg posting 

sksksks If you wanna help me afford my HRT while my doctors fuck me around in every damnable direction,
cash app: $TyrionKing

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