Covid mutual aid fund for Roma, cw Romaphobia discussion 

Dr Professor Hristo Kyuchukov, specialist in the field of Romani psycholinguistics and education of Roma children in Europe, is organizing the fundraiser "Help For Roma".

Created 10 April 2020. As of 8 July 2020 it is only at €4,673/€10,000.

"Many Roma in East European countries and in Turkey are isolated in ghetto types of settlements, because of Corona virus. In most of the East European countries the governments surrounded the settlements with police and the Roma are not allowed to leave the settlements. There are no shops in the settlements and the Roma can not buy food. In some of the settlements there is no water, no disinfection materials, no tests for Corona virus. Several millions of Roma men, women and children in East European countries and Turkey are literary starving. We need urgent action in order to help and save lives. If the Roma do not die from Corona virus, they will definitely die from hunger. Let us help them as soon as possible. There are families who did not eat anything last few days. Let us help them to get through the pandemic crises."

The fundraiser:
Hristo Kyuchukov's main website:
Hristo Kyuchukov's Facebook:

why the fuck is "the maya mysteriously disappeared" like a thing you hear online in those pseudo science mystery channels??? like, we know where the Maya are, they're in Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize. there's like 6 million people who speak Mayan languages with a clear cultural continuity from like 900ad to modern day through the colonial period. they're right there, you can go talk to them, I'm sure some of them are lovely people

Boomers: Get an entry level job, work your way up, get raises, get promoted, then retire.

Also Boomers:
- make the requirements for all entry level jobs only obtainable with experience entry-level employees dont have
- make pay and raise increments functionally nothing
- hire outside the company when new positions open
- retirement is basically a joke at this point folks

Also Also Boomers: Why do you hate capitalism so much???

Primal magic, gore and cannibalism adj 

An empathic parasite attached itself to my bestie and was fucking with his BPD and ADHD super ultra hard for a few weeks before he managed to articulate to me something was there.

I gave that bitch a chance to leave peacefully and then it lashed out again so we just ritualistically prepared a goddamn effigy of an enemy's heart and fucking ate that bitch ass worm and drank it's blood to take back all the energy it had drained out of us.

Moral of the story:
Just Eat It.

Romaphobia, COVID, violence 

With no one around to watch them, police officers have taken full advantage of their opportunity to bully and brutalize Roma people.

In some countries, Roma have been uniquely forbidden from leaving the intentionally neglected neighborhoods where they have little choice but to live.

In Bulgaria, "at least seven Roma settlements have been shut off from the rest of society at various points since March, despite low rates of confirmed infections in most of them. Officials in one town even sprayed disinfectant on a Roma settlement from a plane."

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john wick but make it trans

jane got out of the game. transitioned. left her old life behind her. now everyone's trying to drag her back in, calling on old debts and favors. they want the old wick back, but she's not that man anymore.

she's better.

she's gayer.

and she's not gonna take any of this shit.

trans revenge rampage time.

I believe in unfettered free speech. And by that, I mean I deserve $500,000 to spew hateful bullshit, and I think FartKnocker6969 should not be allowed to criticize me or laugh at me to his 14 followers on twitter dot com.

asking for housing for queer person, Edimburgh, suicide mention, please boost! 

We ask for help for a queer comrade from our closer local network. She's stranded in here, jobless, living off state's support and struggling with mental health crisis, to the point she attempted to commit suicide just a few days ago.

This area is a small conservative province where social services don't do much to help anyone and mutual help networks aren't educated about ableism and mental health needs, so lack of support makes impossible for her to recover in here.

She already has a job waiting for her in Edimburgh, where she lived time ago and has way better chances of getting a life back.

She is arranging things to move in August or early September, but she needs to take her two dogs with her.

So she's asking for help with getting a place to live, a room for rent, in a house with a rear garden for about 550-650 pounds a month.

At this point is actually a matter of survival, she can't endure her situation much longer. Please boost and reply if you have any ideas about resources, tag local people who could help... Thanks in advance!

i made this and you can have it, if like me, you're mad about the student visa changes

I have three signs. they are "words can mean more than one thing," "kill your heroes," and "stop putting people into boxes." I tap at least one of them,, every god damn day.

the cis being cis. 

that was an excellent wake up first treat me like an idiot and then misgender me. I wanna fucking die now thanks.

Novels are the paintings of literature.

Social media is the bathroom-and-alleyway-wall scrawlings, and I am unbelievably here for it. :blobyeengrin:

religion stuff 

Okay but, I always find it direly hilarious how anyone with the balls to ask in public immediately stops asking about my religious beliefs the moment I rattle off "I'm eclectic neopagan with mainly Druidic and Satanist influences."

laughing at people who think that “what about disabled people” is a huge gotcha argument in favor of personal cars. do you know how much a personal car or van with accessibility features costs? do you honestly think disabled people are not already taking public transit, and would not greatly benefit from its expansion?

Most men today cannot conceive of a freedom that does not involve somebody’s slavery. They do not want equality because the thrill of their happiness comes from things that others have not.

• W.E.B. Du Bois, Darkwater (1920)

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