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#introduction (better late than never!) 

-> 🇨🇵​​

SALUT À TOUS j'suis....Rogue (faut croire)

Nouveau! Je vais sans doute surtout parler de JoJo, Marvel, Call of Duty Zombies, Yu-Gi-Oh! et sans doute d'autres trucs de temps en temps..!

Ah et j'aime aussi Star Wars, donc c'est possible que je fasse des références et que je poste des gifs rigoloxxx 👀​

Mes pronoms sont il/lui.

Je suis français et j'ai une Licence en Anglais, sinon ma vie c'est..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Et SINON, comme l'indique mon nom, Rogue (Malicia) est un de mes personnages favoris et je m'identifie pas mal à elle!
Je l'aime juste tellement............ Donnnnc soyez pas étonné.e.s si je deviens OUF dès que je l'aperçois.....

À part ça, content de vous connaître!

-> 🇬🇧​

HELLO THERE I'm....Rogue (ah guess)

New here. Will probably mainly talk about JoJo, Marvel, Call of Duty Zombies, Yu-Gi-Oh! and probably some other things here and there..!

Oh I also like Star Wars, so there will propably be some references here and there.. 👀​

Pronouns are he/him.

Other than that I'm French and I got a degree in English. As for my life..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And last BUT NOT LEAST, as my name suggests, Rogue is one of my favourite characters and I relate a lot to her.
I just love her so muuuuuuuuuch... Soooooo expect some me going crazy after seeing any picture of her!

Anyway, nice to meet ya!

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Proud to announce that 🥴 is now officially my new favourite emoji

re: past trauma, darkish humor, insomnia 

what if****


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past trauma, darkish humor, insomnia 

Me: Hey brain can I get a good night sleep for once
Brain: sure
Brain: But if you thought about all your past traumas?

Would you believe me if I told you i put a bi pride flag on my drawing purely by accident?

Its 2am and I want to eat a pizza ;_;


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Je suis en train de remplir un dossier pour avoir des aides, ils me demandent mon projet pro euh........ bah jsp je mets quoi? 😶

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J'ai fait Mushu de Mulan !

Patron adapté de noodle dragon plush pattern de wuckajuice sur etsy

Modèle unique pour une commande personnalisée

RT appréciés !

about my art, me 

As I am continuing to draw digitally, I'm also learning that it's important not to force yourself

I wanted the current piece i'm working on to be done as soon as possible bc it's special, but today I feel pretty tired. I progressed a bit but i'm not really motivated. (maybe later?)

Sketching is pretty much done, then the lineart shouldn't take that much time (hopefully) and THEN i will try to add colours for the first time on Gimp.. 😨​
I just plan on using basic colours, and little to no effects, but I never really used colours on paper either so...:notlikethis:

re: poison (street fighter), horny, shitpost 

I dont really know how I feel about her design in SF5

I L O V E the outfit but idk sometimes her face feels off??

HOWEVER she can also look like a cute little devil and i just love her so much

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poison (street fighter), horny, shitpost 

Capcom 3d artists really went full horny for Poison's model in SF4 and i thank them for that

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just so you know, my enbyfriend's @ is dhveszak and it's their birthday today! we can't do anything special due to.... not wanting to go out during a pandemic i guess? so if you want to send a cute message it'd probably make them feel good :yellowheart:

about my art, venting 

I reallyyyyyyyyyyyy hate how slow I am.
I just drew for at least 4 hours and my sketch is STILL not finished..
Im 100% sure if I was drawing on paper I would have finished it already.

The thing is that : I draw something, then something else, and THEN I notice that the first thing I drew is off. Proportions, or it's not what I had in mind. So I draw that thing again, then notice that it's the same for the second thing I drew, the cycle repeats itself...

I just lose SO much time redrawing stuff, over and over again. This is seriously so exhausting.

I really want to be good, being able to draw things I have in mind fairly easily. I don't want to give up, like I have for the past..? 5+ years?
I want to be proud of having a style and being able to draw decent things. And, maybe, one day, create something out of it.

But god, this is seriously super exhausting, both physically and mentally.

about my art 

But what if... I would start a new drawing instead of continuing the one I'm currently working on...?

Me : Mmhh tonight i will draw

*actually plays Doom Eternal*


Moi, positif 

Depuis que j'ai repris le dessin/commencé à dessiner sur tablette, j'ai l'impression que??? Je contrôle mieux ma vie??
J'ai moins peur du futur, moins anxieux, plus productif et j'ai davantage de confiance en moi.
Aaaaah j'espère que ce sentiment va rester! :blobross:

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