So I have a freebox v6 player motherboard with an Intel atom inside and I can't find a way to flash the firmware. To replace it with a linux distribution. Any ideas ?
I think I will have to touch directly to the memory, I have never done that

Please boost :)

@PhieLaidMignon Find out if you have NOR or NAND flash and then get a hardware flasher.

@PhieLaidMignon Can you take a photo of one of those memory modules close enough I can read the name printed on it?

@PhieLaidMignon @slightlyflightyone i don't know, but what about the three chips close from connector U44 and oscillator x13 ?
Oscillator x13 isn't it for true second clock ? (If it is really an oscillator).
I believe other oscillators are too close from interfaces, ethernet, usb, hdmi, …
I also believe that firmware is Bios and that it needs an oscillator. ^^

@PhieLaidMignon @slightlyflightyone j'avais un BusPirate, mais il me semble que les raspi peuvent le faire aussi : (

Par contre, à part remettre le Bios d'origine, j'ai rien tenté d'autre...

@PhieLaidMignon @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone so I'm looking at those 4 pins on a white plastic rectangle just to the right of that black...connector for whatever the hell that is. I'm pretty sure those are your JTAG pins, which you should be able to use to write directly to memory. That's sometimes what you use on routers to flash custom firmware like DD-WRT, though you should def see if you can connect via USB, Ethernet or anything else first.

@PhieLaidMignon @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone oh shit nope. I'm wrong. JTAG is probably those ten holes at the bottom center of your first PIC.

@PhieLaidMignon @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone ah. Probably right.

So, yes, if you want to connect via JTAG you'll probably have to cut a USB cable and make your own. But hopefully you won't have to. What does the device run right now?

@teslas_moustache well it is freebox os I guess, some kind of modified linux made by Free, a french internet provider @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone

@PhieLaidMignon @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone K. What would you like to replace it with? I know Linux, but, like, what do you want to use the computer for?

@teslas_moustache well why not a server, it has everything I need : intel processor, hdmi, sata port, usb, ethernet, etc... @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone

@PhieLaidMignon @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone OK, cool. So, without holding the device and messing with it, I can't tell exactly what you need to do, but plug it in and dig around in the settings. You probably need to get to the bootloader. Look into the protocols like telnet, SSH, and tftp to try and gain console access. See if you can read and write files to the system.

@teslas_moustache they seem to have well protected it so I will try ssh telnet... but I guess it won't work

thanks for the idea @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone

@PhieLaidMignon @teslas_moustache @Chakiral @slightlyflightyone The source code of the freebox versions is available here: . So you can search for options to connect via the code. They have busybox installed etc.

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