i wish this community helped minors more. a lot of us are going through hell because of our family and idk sometimes i wish i were protected by a community and told that i deserve better. i have great friends who help me but idk, i wish it was more normal to protect younger people and help us through.

@Incandescente (hey hi you indeed do not deserve to put up with that, but I swear it's gonna be over one day and it's gonna feel like that's taking forever, but you will get to heal and recover and start living the life you want! And you're right about masto, i think a lot of it stems from many users being 18+ and content being made by and for adults, so us babies just kinda get lost in the shuffle)

@Incandescente Well, you do deserve better.
But it's difficult for us to intervene, especially if you're minor, because your parents are legally responsible for you. Like, there are times when I wished I could just storm in Miri's house and tell them "you're treating him like shit, I'll take him for a few weeks and let you think about it" but then i'll just have the cops running for my ass...

@Incandescente I could talk for ages about the protections your parents have. A lot of what your parents do is invisible, and you need to go out on your own to search for help. And then what is and isn't "abusive" is up for debate and favors your parents strongly.

Because, of course, it's all fuckin' bullshit.

The most support a lot of us queers can offer is "it gets better once you're able to move out." But we're all struggling. I'm barely surviving right now. Which I would try to laugh off, but there's nothing to laugh at.

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