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okkkk so the private instance is back on, so if you want to read about how shitty i feel most of the time you can follow me and you'll get free access to my depression and many traumas :yeehaw:
it's @crybaby
but also my main account will probably be less sad so i guess that's nice

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i think i want to stop boosting images without image description or answer the ones i see with an image description without mentioning the person, just so it can be more accessible but i'm scared the person might be offended

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being nice improves my mood so i try to be nice pretty often but if i'm too nice or if it's inappropriate or weird or annoying tell me and i'll apologize and stop

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bon, là je vais plutôt bien dernièrement donc je veux en profiter pour dire : je suis non-binaire
et j'aimerais qu'on me genre au masculin et pouvoir me genrer au masculin ici
et j'ai angoissé pendant longtemps à l'idée de co ici alors que j'ai déjà co à quelques personnes irl, donc voilà, là j'ai un peu de courage alors je le dis

le weekend prochain du 17 au 19 on va à paris avec ma meuf donc si vous voulez nous/me voir dites moi!!

dents, demande de conseils 

ok mais. j'ai une dent g l'impression elle bouge un peu alors j'ai demandé à ma meuf de vérifier elle trouve un peu aussi mais là je vois que ça arrive à plein de gens et c juste une impression ???? vais-je chez le dentiste wtf

i don't like being referred to as awkward cause it has the same vibe as when people call me "quirky". don't make my autistic traits cute so that they can be acceptable please. i have social difficulties. that's it. me being cute is a whole other thing.


je me suis levé pour un cours en visio et la prof est pas venue 🤡​

just so you know, my enbyfriend's @ is dhveszak and it's their birthday today! we can't do anything special due to.... not wanting to go out during a pandemic i guess? so if you want to send a cute message it'd probably make them feel good :yellowheart:

question binder, boosts appréciés 

est-ce que c'est normal d'avoir plus de douleurs au dos en portant un binder ? je l'ai porté que deux heures et je l'ai enlevé parce que j'avais une crise de douleur qui commençait

i y'all want to send me cute pictures and memes it'd feel good,,, (please no rodent or bunnies)

are favs some type of RSVP? i need to know how many chairs i'm gonna need

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if i were to throw a nail funeral, would y'all come? it was a great nail

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well actually if i imagine something that sounds vaguely scientific and post about it on reddit it becomes a theory

mon écholalie préférée c totipotent (c'est le mot stylé pour cellules souches) et vous?

comment je sais que j'aurai la bourse du crous? normalement g tout bien fait mais je comprends pas comment je peux être sûr que c validé

i had a bath and the cramps calmed down, i feel sleepy so the meds must have kicked in too. i now smell like lush, yay baths

also i kinda wanna know what happens if you give him an insect...... does he put it in his house? does he refuse it?? does he move out? or will he finally murder me and add my skeleton to the exhibition liKE I FUCKING ASKED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

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i wanna hug blathers. also i want him to have an actual house on my island. and be able to give him gifts. let me give him the bones......

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as the pain calms down for a few minutes i'll use my brain-using time on animal crossing

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