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i think i want to stop boosting images without image description or answer the ones i see with an image description without mentioning the person, just so it can be more accessible but i'm scared the person might be offended

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being nice improves my mood so i try to be nice pretty often but if i'm too nice or if it's inappropriate or weird or annoying tell me and i'll apologize and stop

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bon, lร  je vais plutรดt bien derniรจrement donc je veux en profiter pour dire : je suis non-binaire
et j'aimerais qu'on me genre au masculin et pouvoir me genrer au masculin ici
et j'ai angoissรฉ pendant longtemps ร  l'idรฉe de co ici alors que j'ai dรฉjร  co ร  quelques personnes irl, donc voilร , lร  j'ai un peu de courage alors je le dis

If you managed to get outta bed. Great.
If you only managed to read a page not a chapter. Great.
If you ran 2km instead of 5km. Great.
If you have more questions than answers. Great.

Own race, own pace. Youโ€™re doing GREAT. Keep it moving no matter what ๐ŸŒบ.

Jackie Ormes (1911-1986), illustrator, civil rights activist and the first African American woman to work as a professional newspaper cartoonist #womensart

Cicely Hamilton and Dora Coates, feminist pamphlet 'Beware! : A Warning to Suffragists' 1910, mocking anti-women's suffrage views #womensart

Look at this dang turtle my coworker found in our parking lot


Used Wimbledon tennis balls donated to create homes for harvest mice
(photos: David Tipling, Alamy)


Feminist graffiti/Fiat billboard (1979), iconic feminist photograph by Jill Posner #womensart

@lenka eh euh je viens de penser ร  toi et j'ai รฉtรฉ submergรฉ par une vague d'amour sans raison apparente
jetem fort :yellowheart:

pourquoi netflix a the dark knight et the dark knight rises mais pas batman begins :thonking:

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