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okkkk so the private instance is back on, so if you want to read about how shitty i feel most of the time you can follow me and you'll get free access to my depression and many traumas :yeehaw:
it's @crybaby
but also my main account will probably be less sad so i guess that's nice

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i think i want to stop boosting images without image description or answer the ones i see with an image description without mentioning the person, just so it can be more accessible but i'm scared the person might be offended

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being nice improves my mood so i try to be nice pretty often but if i'm too nice or if it's inappropriate or weird or annoying tell me and i'll apologize and stop

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bon, là je vais plutôt bien dernièrement donc je veux en profiter pour dire : je suis non-binaire
et j'aimerais qu'on me genre au masculin et pouvoir me genrer au masculin ici
et j'ai angoissé pendant longtemps à l'idée de co ici alors que j'ai déjà co à quelques personnes irl, donc voilà, là j'ai un peu de courage alors je le dis

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maureen pleure de bonheur en pensant à la dating life de ses amis 😭

i have a question about the nonbinary person SPF, what does SPF stand for again?

just started listening to him without checking what he's like i might look him up later and find out he's a dick.
plus his music's too fast for me to understand what he's saying without being super focused

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the dude LITERALLY could have made britaniccus' death about y'know. manipulation and politics. maybe criticize what's happening rn in dictatorial states but hey, we've never heard about the Dangers Of Social Media™

i'm so fucking done with writing that report on a play i hated. yeah blah blah blah i use narcissus' character to show that our society is self centered. it's not fucking deep it's an edgy apolitical 16-year-old's fanfic

i would like everyone to know that when i see my reflection i give myself a thumbs up or finger gun

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y'a des applications qui bloquent l'ouverture de certaines applications ? ce serait bien d'en avoir une pour ma santé mentale des fois

twitter veut pas s'ouvrir sur mon téléphone, il essaie de me protéger. merci je t'aime huawei fig lx1

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@sempervirenx est-ce que t'as vu que spacetaunter va reprendre les streams??? je suis si hype

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