Agression. Violence. Profanity. Graphic descriptions of abuse. Protests. Possibly I'm a dumb white man? 

The first pride was a riot. And we will fucking do it again.

My city has begun to quiet as the rest of the country continues in civil war. White folx have co-opted and white washed protests and rallies the further into the week we got.

And still the cops are murdering people in my streets. It's as if they don't get the message. I'm perfectly willing to pick up the theme of pride being canceled this year in favor of going to war with these bastards.

Trans folx and specifically trans folx of color, are slaughtered with imputiny, dead named and buried as if their identity never mattered. Trans women are being sent to male prisons as if the effort and work they put into their transition never happened. Nb folx are being dehumanized instead of complying with neutral pronouns. Trans men are being lured into ambushes, jumped and beaten within inches of their lives.

I'll not fucking have it. I need a voice to lift up in Tulsa. You have my rage and my energy at your disposal to gain the attention of everyone for miles around. I will gladly bring this city to it's fucking knees and force it to listen, and I will not surrender or stop until my community can walk the streets in safety and comfort equally.

We are extra as fuck. We are needlessly petty. And we are pissed. I want the next thing on people's lips to be "The gays don't play." Dripping like cum on a satisfied asshole.

Fuck with me today. I fucking dare you.

The first pride was a riot, and I will not hesitate to do it again.

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