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@Incandescente we pretty much got it through friendly connections with a construction company.

It's a dream come true for us so.

just saying.

misgendering is still misgendering. transphobia is still transphobia. there is no point to pushing transphobic rhetoric other than transphobia.

and honestly no matter how shitty someone is if you resort to marginalizing them(which inherently marginalizes the group they have an identity with) that's still shitty/marginalizating people

@Aradia I didn't think this was possible but I know some guys in construction and we kinda got it for a song.

Holy shit.

All birds are dinosaurs. Not all dinosaurs are birds. Its absolutely true.

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I am (apparently):
- a white cishet man
- queer basher
- Christian
- selling commissions

one is right
choose wisely

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"That's not what I expected," the knight said.
"What?" said the princess. "It's a dragon hoard."
The knight tried to count the dragons cuddling in a pile.
"I started with one, then found a couple of strays." The princess shrugged. "I guess I just started collecting them."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

If you're gonna sit here and tell me punching up bad

You're gonna have a bad time

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Snow goes CAW CAW CAW CAW's choices:

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