rpg hot take: you should never spend a turn just moving, reloading, switching weapons, or missing attacks. these all feel bad when you don't get to do anything else on your turn.

a cooperative pong-like game called pond

you and a friend each control a lilypad on a pond and a frog jumps between them both

you cannot predict when or where the frog will jump to

your objective is to not let the frog fall into the water

re: disease, hygine, historical mention of plagues 


@extinct It's pretty awful. I've struggled my whole life with it, and for the short while I only saw sunset and sunrise it was perfect. Never been more stable and productive before or since.

@extinct Yeah seriously. If I can be nocturnal I am happy and functional and hurt less but I can't see a fucking doctor at night.

@extinct back in the day we just had day people and night people but capitalism said fuck night people it's a disorder now

Ven diagram of white Americans freaking out over the coronavirus, and white Americans who don't vaccinate their kids.

Hey, if someone gives you shit about self-dxing as autistic, or any other neurodivergence?

Know this: we believe you, and have full faith your ability to make your own choices about your own life. Fuck the haters.


someone: *boosts a ping from over a year ago*

everyone: oh, new content, i shall draft my response to to it posthaste

@LexYeen I know you posted the song so when the official video came up I had to make sure you saw this good pain machine.

so who's down to go burn down all insurance companies?

:sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans: you don't need dyshopria to be trans, you don't need a diagnosis to be trans, you don't need to do anything to be trans but decide you are trans :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans:

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