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Sorry I've been so fuckin' quiet lately. It's been a spot of The Depression.

Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? Of course. The Empire State Building can't jump.

@JohnBrownJr I know that feel. I hate to think that this is what adulthood is all about.

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@Dhveszak Tumblr is a hole full of people that use words like "transtrender" and call you homophobic for saying their ship is perhaps not the best thing in the multiverse.

@Dhveszak I do not plan to salt you. Tumblr was a toxic shitheap where people anon'd me shit like "stop subtly looking down on people with less money than you" when rather the opposite is true and I hate rich people.

@Dhveszak Okay, I went back and deleted my Tumblr because I wanted them to stop emailing me and also I wanted to burn and salt the earth behind me.

@Dhveszak that one guy that was on here for a while but couldn't figure out what mastodon was about, i guess 🤷

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too much of online witch "culture" is centered around petty-bourgoise "small business-owner" capitalist nonsense, dangerous crypto-antivaxer "homeopaths", and fake "feminists" who venerate rather than dismantle the gender binary & "traditional" womanhood

i want queer communist anti-imperialist witchcraft. i want a blending of witchcraft with dialectical & historical materialism into a witch's "liberation theology" that emphasizes a scientific approach to herbal & traditional medicine, & encourages combining ritual, magic & praxis

@extinct That's a sexy hand. Ninja would know, Ninja is hand fetishist. 👺 👍

"sudden death?! that means anyone who dies is dead!" my little brother just shouted this while playing smash with his friend

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