In better news here's a shot of the Hero of Time grumbling about his irregular chest x-ray.

Slightly gross lung talk and pic 

Tattoo selfie, intense concentration face. 

Selfie, swearing, I used Snapchat 

Selfie, fresh tattoo, no eyes 

Selfies with cat, no eye contact, no shirt, no nipples 

Selfie with cat, Millie is occasionally a scarf cat. 

Some fantasy art, all fairly old at this point but I'm still proud of most of it.

Though the one piece still annoys me because of one particular...


Anyway it may all be old, but I still love this stuff. It was all fun to draw and I learned a lot of things while doing it.

There's some suggestive stuff in here that is technically worksafe! Lightly exposed butt, and a covered naked girlcrotch with covered boobs! So without this being particularly sensitive, I have marked it as sensitive for pinup content. 😉 because i fuckin' care

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A couple more bits of Shawn, these ones suggestive! Which is to say there's naked bodies and bits in here, 🔞 please. There is some bondage involved in the one.

I am not sure why I decided to give her three horns. Probably because an odd number of horns is Not Very Normal.


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Same demon girl from the last post at various levels of her... Let's call it evolution, as her body was slowly altered from More Or Less Human to Not Actually Human At All Anymore.

Her name is Shawn. She is very angry, not very pleasant, and best compared to a very angry cat at all times.

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Some unattached pencil stuff, some with names others without. I really don't have a lot to say about any of these?

Except like. Analog pencils are expensive to produce, haha. These take so much time.

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