@chara Fortunately there's an episode of Sesame Street about this, and the source of the name Mr. Hooper's Store.

@DiscountBinNinja yeah. having something like that definitely helps. I wonder what I would go to...

@chara Right now we're just discussing how Grammy can't be un-sicked, and when she is gone she will be *gone*, and she won't be coming back. What happens after that? We don't know. But she will be with us in our hearts and the things she left behind with us.

But right now the doctor says she's got about six weeks, and she's screaming at Death across the room that she has six months god damn it.

@DiscountBinNinja argh. I ended up going through this in my mid-40s, with my dad, and I was basically a mess for months afterwards. good luck again :)

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