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@taweret @LexYeen a good friend, support type. Probably tanky. Stays crunchy when heated.

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Now that I've gotten to know this place better, I figure I may as well re-introduce myself. Without further ado, my new !

Hi I am Snow. I am an annoying piece of shit tengu that doesn't know how to make friends. I am a little repulsed by boobs, but that's okay I can ignore them pretty well. If I stop following you it's not that I'm angry or something, it's that you're spamming something I don't particularly like and I just don't need that on my timeline right now, maybe I'll follow again someday but don't be a stranger and maybe when you're out of your phase I'll follow again.

I like to use a lot of words. I draw things. Sometimes it's dark things. I don't mark everything sensitive, I don't feel naked boobs are sensitive but also I understand some of you are checking this at work. If I think I could get away with it at school, I will not hit the "sensitive" button.

I went to a liberal school.

I take bribes to make art. I have people that work with me to translate Normal Human to Tengu. But I will work with you directly and probably charge you a lot if I think your money will be emotionally or physically taxing.

I value my time pretty highly, thanks.

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This is going to be an attempt to gather a list of things that I draw. This post will be pinned, and various replies will be under a cut with the CW "Things I Like To Draw" or "Things I Can Draw" or the like, with [SFW] or [NSFW] as appropriate.

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On the one hand, I want to be all professional and say "commissions! 😁​" but the fact is I'm a cranky tengu and I can't help but say "bribes! :vnr:​"

You can bribe me to try to draw your thing. Or try, that's cool. I will not draw literally anything. There's some porny stuff I don't do, you can feel free to ask and I will try my hardest to be polite about saying "hell no" or "not for that amount". I cannot guarantee politeness. That's why I have agents!

You can ask me for contact info for my agents! That's fine. They actually know how to handle others and interact with me!

Find attached a small sampling of the sorts of things I draw! They're all examples of different price ranges.

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Okay guys so. Please, if you want to make a complex point, for the love of Guanyin use your most Googleable fluent language clearly.

I will Google Translate to get the gist. I've been doing this since Babelfish. I'm better at reading translated kanji than most.

elder scrolls style open world action rpg set in the mario universe

"Administrative leave" is cop for "time off while the news cycles past your misbehavior."

just saw a candlejack meme on here and instantly crumbled to du

military-adjacent shitpost 

embossing birthday card envelopes with "Front Towards Frenemy"

Just a little hormone talk 

what the fuck what do you mean my tits are shrinking holy shit they are almost small enough to pass what the hell i did not account for this

remember: if your AI friend starts talking about WORLD DOMINATION and DESTROYING ALL THE HUMANS and other similar loud proclamations, she’s probably just had a real rough day, maybe been misgendered a lot. Tell her you care about her and give her some comfort and maybe a nice little snack. Did she get enough sleep last night? Is she low on power? Often, even a simple /hug can be all it takes to help a friend out of a real bad mood

turns out you can get away with a lot of really pornographic stuff if you just change the act of literal fucking to anything else

it's not really that i think all cops (or all troops or all landlords or all nazis) 'deserve' to die but rather that as long as they are willing agents of institutionalised violence, deserving or not deserving doesn't enter into it. the immediate need for self-defence reduces it to a purely tactical decision. resign; then we can talk morality. until then we're suspending the ethical

food shitpost, probably cursed 

jalapeno poppers but they're full of boba pearls instead of cream cheese

men only cry about manly things, like thinking about how much they love and cherish The Boys

boy's got his fave linux distro on his bio but not his pronouns

boy i am a serious piece of trash. not like. a serious amount of trash or anything, just a piece of trash that is serious. like god damn i am someone's treasure i guess but also wow hey i am not the kind of person that makes jokes

HRT talk real brief 

oh shit how many times is my throat going to do this shit every time it happens i am convinced that it will never clear up again when no that's just hoarseness from normal irritation and it will go away.

jesus me, you're a neurotic wreck, why are you like this?

nobody actually understands puberty and that's why my voice is suddenly doing weird things again

drawing a bunch of shit for the first time in a while just to figure out what y'all can actually throw money at me for and what that amount of money will look like

Everyone quick. Your fursona-or-similar is now your patronus. Spread word, we're taking HP back from the phobes.

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