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Now that I've gotten to know this place better, I figure I may as well re-introduce myself. Without further ado, my new !

Hi I am Snow. I am an annoying piece of shit tengu that doesn't know how to make friends. I am a little repulsed by boobs, but that's okay I can ignore them pretty well. If I stop following you it's not that I'm angry or something, it's that you're spamming something I don't particularly like and I just don't need that on my timeline right now, maybe I'll follow again someday but don't be a stranger and maybe when you're out of your phase I'll follow again.

I like to use a lot of words. I draw things. Sometimes it's dark things. I don't mark everything sensitive, I don't feel naked boobs are sensitive but also I understand some of you are checking this at work. If I think I could get away with it at school, I will not hit the "sensitive" button.

I went to a liberal school.

I take bribes to make art. I have people that work with me to translate Normal Human to Tengu. But I will work with you directly and probably charge you a lot if I think your money will be emotionally or physically taxing.

I value my time pretty highly, thanks.

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This is going to be an attempt to gather a list of things that I draw. This post will be pinned, and various replies will be under a cut with the CW "Things I Like To Draw" or "Things I Can Draw" or the like, with [SFW] or [NSFW] as appropriate.

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On the one hand, I want to be all professional and say "commissions! 😁​" but the fact is I'm a cranky tengu and I can't help but say "bribes! :vnr:​"

You can bribe me to try to draw your thing. Or try, that's cool. I will not draw literally anything. There's some porny stuff I don't do, you can feel free to ask and I will try my hardest to be polite about saying "hell no" or "not for that amount". I cannot guarantee politeness. That's why I have agents!

You can ask me for contact info for my agents! That's fine. They actually know how to handle others and interact with me!

Find attached a small sampling of the sorts of things I draw! They're all examples of different price ranges.

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Okay guys so. Please, if you want to make a complex point, for the love of Guanyin use your most Googleable fluent language clearly.

I will Google Translate to get the gist. I've been doing this since Babelfish. I'm better at reading translated kanji than most.

Stepping up/doing the right thing when it REALLY matters outweighs even a lifetime of being kind - sometimes people miss that.

We should all try to be kind, but it’s not a replacement for doing the important, impactful thing at the critical moment. There are no niceness tokens that accumulate to counterbalance a missed moment, perhaps except as an act of forgiveness later.

This applies equally well in private life, at work or public/govt affairs.

Cis man draws female creatures with boobs despite not needing them: ew, how unnecessary, this is just so he can get off

Any wlw does it: Inspired, what a flawless interpretation, they're a genius

the people who would rather leave the mastodon community than sooner check their friends on their racism got me thinking. they keep talking about hating how much "fighting" there is on mastodon which is weird because they left for twitter lol. but like how sheltered of a life can you have that you can't understand that conflict is basically inevitable and its how you handle the conflict that's important not that you mitigate it and avoid it at all costs (which is a type of liberalism lol)

All cops are bastards.

But especially the cop that lives inside your head.

starting an Internet community for shitty creativity where you post your own shitty art, music, sewing, writing, or whatever and other people exclusively tell you it's cool and keep making it, the literal waking nightmare of every Constructive Crit chud on the entire Internet, and laughing when it produces better creatives because the entire secret to making good art is to make the bad art and keep making the bad art and enjoy making bad art


Hey can y’all plz boost this? Donate if you can.

The Havasupai tribe is the most remote reservation in the lower 48. The village is accessible only by foot, helicopter or horseback. About 75% of the jobs on the reservation are tied to tourism and there’s a 15% unemployment rate. Roughly 15% of the community is elderly, many are diabetic or asthmatic and therefore vulnerable to coronavirus.

Due to the spread of coronavirus the tribe has had to suspend tourism within the reservation to protect tribal members from disease. Unfortunately, this is where they get most of their income. Please consider making a donation to make sure the Havasupai people and their animals have the food and protection they need to remain in their communities and stay safe during this pandemic.

youtube link (Thought Slime); discussion of bigotry, dogwhistles, and the normalization strategies used by bigots/fascists/etc 

elden ring trailer dialogue voice, gender 

My shitty keyboard has a broken Escape key, which makes it really hard to like, pause games in a hurry and things like that

When I was moving it to the couch I put it down and saw the Escape key was gone

It Escaped

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how queer am I, you ask? well... suffice it to say I still think cargo pants are cool

interest in being a Bimbo (Nonhorny): 7/10
interest in being a Bimbo (Horny): negative 10 to the 10 to the 10 to the 10th/10
interest in judging the Bimbo Desires of others: 0/10
interest in being exposed to Bimbo (Horny) desires: -10/10

autism acceptance and access 

Do We Have A Contingency Plan If They're Giants

I don't want people to assume that I'm a man or that I'm a woman when they first see me. When they see me, I want people to fear for their life

possum kisses are real different and kinda the same look as when you see us munch on something big. lotta loud smacking, very ungainly. dont quote me

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