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Now that I've gotten to know this place better, I figure I may as well re-introduce myself. Without further ado, my new !

Hi I am Snow. I am an annoying piece of shit tengu that doesn't know how to make friends. I am a little repulsed by boobs, but that's okay I can ignore them pretty well. If I stop following you it's not that I'm angry or something, it's that you're spamming something I don't particularly like and I just don't need that on my timeline right now, maybe I'll follow again someday but don't be a stranger and maybe when you're out of your phase I'll follow again.

I like to use a lot of words. I draw things. Sometimes it's dark things. I don't mark everything sensitive, I don't feel naked boobs are sensitive but also I understand some of you are checking this at work. If I think I could get away with it at school, I will not hit the "sensitive" button.

I went to a liberal school.

I take bribes to make art. I have people that work with me to translate Normal Human to Tengu. But I will work with you directly and probably charge you a lot if I think your money will be emotionally or physically taxing.

I value my time pretty highly, thanks.

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This is going to be an attempt to gather a list of things that I draw. This post will be pinned, and various replies will be under a cut with the CW "Things I Like To Draw" or "Things I Can Draw" or the like, with [SFW] or [NSFW] as appropriate.

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On the one hand, I want to be all professional and say "commissions! 😁​" but the fact is I'm a cranky tengu and I can't help but say "bribes! :vnr:​"

You can bribe me to try to draw your thing. Or try, that's cool. I will not draw literally anything. There's some porny stuff I don't do, you can feel free to ask and I will try my hardest to be polite about saying "hell no" or "not for that amount". I cannot guarantee politeness. That's why I have agents!

You can ask me for contact info for my agents! That's fine. They actually know how to handle others and interact with me!

Find attached a small sampling of the sorts of things I draw! They're all examples of different price ranges.

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Okay guys so. Please, if you want to make a complex point, for the love of Guanyin use your most Googleable fluent language clearly.

I will Google Translate to get the gist. I've been doing this since Babelfish. I'm better at reading translated kanji than most.

Devil May Cry is a game about a group of gay punks fighting and killing toxic masculine types while also maintaining healthy relationships with women

A PSA for any trans people who haven't settled on their name:

Arson is, uh, right there.

Gunna start a gravestone business and charge by how dull your gravestone is

@DiscountBinNinja you are an occult museum built into the side of a cemetery

you are in england

the town fucked up and accidentally included it in the land dead to a local family a couple years back

you have a rookery where the attic should be

reply to this post and I'll assign you a buildingsona in 1000 characters or less

I fucking love having friends that feel safe being gross and TMI with me.

neuroatypical musings 

DIcks Up For Socialism

cw: weird biology take on sex and socialism

‪“you’re queer?”‬
‪yes, but do— do you want the short answer or the long answer‬

whatever. the masto community great so i don't even know why i'm preaching to any of y'all. furries in general though? are actually really shitty at the concept of consent and social boundaries and it makes me not want to bother with it at all.

cursed awful 

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