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shitpost is now illegal on cnbt

you funky little bastards

re: masto meta, white person talking about racism 

masto meta, white person talking about racism 

fedi meta 


qui veut m'aider à organiser l'élection de miss.ter cul mastodon 2020

{insérer insulte à l'encontre de la personne qui lit ici}

very glad anna full-blocked cnbt first so that i don't even have to get rid of her myself

lmao seems like all "witches" instances admins are the same kind of dumb selfish manipulative almost-everything-phobe aggressive sectarian bastards :pensive_ms:

This whole thing is a lie because we've been had both of the instances she mentions by name handled. For a long time.

Ha, point to anywhere I've said PV was the *only* PoC instance on the fedi. I'll wait.

I challenge anyone to approach me on PV only being for the 'right kind of Blacks'. That's some paper bag test shit she is completely making up.

LOL, everything coming out the side of her mouth is a lie b/c she's upset I exposed her as the bigot she is.

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