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asking for help :purple_money: 

Oi, I love you freakoids. Drink some water and nourish yourself. You're doing a good job okay?

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"Dad, there's a monster under my bed!"
"Oh? What does it want?"
"Wait, I'll ask..."
"It's afraid of the Roomba."
"Yeah. I'll build a Lego wall for it to hide behind."
"But dad!"
"Tomorrow. I'll turn the Roomba off for tonight."
"It says thanks!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

New blob emojis are available on the instance :
:blobross: ​:blob_raccoon:​ :blobsweats: ​:rainblob: ​:blob_cockatiel:​ and more!

Look all I'm saying is new species get discovered all the time right under our noses and you're gonna say bigfoot isn't real?

C'mon, son

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