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the pocket sprung mattress and memory foam pillows upon which you nightly lay down your weary bones connects you to twenty five million years of hominid history, a direct link to some fuckin gorilla who thought "you know what fuck this im not sleeping in the dirt tonight"

Indigenous people!

Please share this and reply and be my friend! Let's create a community on here where we know we have someone who gets it!

I'll start, I'm Ojibwe. Raised away from the tribe, but am a full member now as an adult.

(If not indigenous, please still share, I wanna reach others)

i just found out that beds were invented by apes and i gotta stop everything and think about that for a minute

pillows too

beds and pillows were invented by apes

have a think about that real quick

every night you lay your head down on an invention that is so inconceivably ancient it LITERALLY PREDATES HUMANS

It really warms my heart every time I see a fellow first Nations person in my feed.

I'm not alone.

i almost forgot to mention - they have a canon nonbinary character in the game!

PLEASE HELP;; EMERGENCY; stuck in the desert with dogs, RV broke down 

Y a l'instinct parental de Maureen qui me parle au travers de la bouche de Maureen c'est bizarre comme expérience

selfies, eye contact 

Hi, im new here. My name is Rj, I love drawing japanese and sci-fi stuff.

I finished this artwork a while ago, so I was thinking of sharing this here while I introduce myself. Nice to meet you. #introduction

a reminder that the perseids meteor shower has started and will reach it's highest activity around the 12th of august 🌠🌠

Ok so. My electricity provider apparently decided to cut the power off from my place and I'll very probably need hundreds of euros to get it back, which I can't afford obviously lol

So if anyone wants to help me even for the tiniest amount... please? I can't even eat warm food (or keep it cold lol) or use hot water without electricity...

I can sell feet pics in exchange for money if that motivates you 😌 (i'm kinda serious lol)

If you'd like to use something else than paypal you can DM me and I can try to set a few things up, but here's my link :

Any help is greatly appreciated even if you just boost :purpleheart:

selfie, ec, tortoise 

My four year old likes Bendy and the Ink Machine, so I just put on Jacksepticeye playing it because he is mostly inoffensive, if a bit sweary.

Just like her parents.

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