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Buying a phone with 8 GB of Ram so you can afford to keep your calculator and games and browser and social media all open while you have it on your nightstand while you sleep

What the fuck are the techbros on r/android doing with their phones to be using up 6 fucking gigabytes of ram?

i'm such in need for money and i rly fucking hate having to beg for it
but fuck it if you see this feel free to send me something if you can and want

i'd greatly appreciate and that would really really help me like making me able to buy actual food

maybe i'll do a more "official" post later but for now if you wanna help and/or boost that'd be awesome i really love you

Maureen oublie une fois sur deux de m'envoyer un message quand il rentre chez lui

Aujourd'hui je l'ai raccompagné jusqu'à sa porte, ce petit con a osé me regarder et me demander sans vergogne "est-ce que je t'envoie un message quand je rentre" ce fdp

ive been gone for a month so i should say something meaningful and introspective
strawberries are better than raspberries

Remember when all the white people got angry when Peele said he wanted to hire more black actors. "What if a white director said what he said" well here ya go

three of my green onion seeds have sprouted!!! pics to come later

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