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I'm gonna spoil the anime you're watching right now. Show more

eating cold pizza while maureen is sleeping right next to me my life litterally couldn't get any better right now

good things in agdq:
- it cool

bad things in agdq:
- there are so many speedruns that this shit makes me speedrun my nights aswell lol

i’ve never played a pokémon game i have no attachment to kirby i could make extremely cursed posts about eating him if i so desired

maureen a pas les yeux assez bleus je le quitte qui est dispo

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biggest problem with computers is they're still designed for people who like computers

Les grosses résistances chauffantes installées dans les gares c'est le meilleur truc

i hate that in english the word for someone living in the USA is "american"
there are other countries in America you ding dongs stop being so self centered

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