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Hello hello, good people! I'm a Tumblr transplant and an art student in my last term and I do watercolor art of motorcycles and vehicles! Here's some selections from my recent thesis.

#art #motorcycles #harleydavidson #watercolor #markers #thesis #gallery #vintage

I swear to God, and I'll even capitalize His name and pretend I'm a theist for this post

If I see "Men are sexualized in games too", one. More. Time.

I will make your dick fit through a Cheerio

posting nawormcia again because yall didnt appreciate him enough last time

i like : discovering new people and having new mutuals

i hate : the police

hey!!! don't forget to drink water!!! it's important!!!

also eat and sleep correctly or i'll beat your ass

If you're feeling overwhelmed by Mastodon, never hesitate to ask people who've been here longer for help.

Most of them will agree to help you orient yourself.

Mastodon includes a lot of new lingo that might be hard to understand at first.

Cujo killed Santa Claus and now she's Santa Claus. We love our festive puppy 🎅:cujo:🎄🎁

罰抄_ @Rw_9507 さんからいただきました!Model:hane Phx: @Rw_950714 #絶対領域 #ふともも

So you wanna know what goes on inside that brain of mine eh?

*opens skull*

*the Nickolodeon jingle from the 90's plays from a music box in the shape of the lament configuration, with Joseph Joestar cranking it, except he has Kagome's body*

voilà c'était mon toot gentil du mois maintenant je peux recommencer à être une grosse merde méchante, qui veut se faire véssoul sa mère

n'empêche il aura fallu que je rencontre les amies de maureen pour que je découvre ce que c'est d'être giga tactile avec des gens (sans relation amoureuse) et que ce soit complètement ok pour absolument tout le monde et c'est super cool

vive les câlins et vive les bisous et vive vous deux je vous aime (oui c un subtoot et alors)

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