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i'm such in need for money and i rly fucking hate having to beg for it
but fuck it if you see this feel free to send me something if you can and want

i'd greatly appreciate and that would really really help me like making me able to buy actual food

maybe i'll do a more "official" post later but for now if you wanna help and/or boost that'd be awesome i really love you

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not all non-binary folks are so great...some are my enebies

5 clichés sur l'autisme -
tada ! ma première vidéo ! J'espère qu'elle vous plaira, si c'est le cas oubliez pas de partager et de mettre un petit like :) #RadioAutiste

ce serait vraiment dommage que la touche qui casse de mon clavier soit celle de la lettre la plus utilisée à la fois en français et en anglais

cw very hot take about abuse, wear your safety goggles for this one Show more

j'avais commencé un toot dont le début était « c'est quand » mais j'ai fait autre chose et jme rappelle plus ce que je voulais écrire après ça donc vous aurez que ça à la place

If you'd like to help a schizo girl who's particularly struggling,,

Every bit makes a difference 💜

can't sleep because of a fucking mosquito buzzing around my ears

megabite > megabyte

lol this joke a pretty different meaning depending on if the reader is one of my english speaking followers or french speaking followers

Need some quiet calm music?

TPR is an amazing musician who makes quiet and melancholy versions of a lot of game music. All piano and cello. V good.

This is their FF15 album that I linked, which is their newest album

did i just watch a full 43 minutes asmr video that didn't relax me a bit instead of sleeping

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