just so you know, my enbyfriend's @ is dhveszak and it's their birthday today! we can't do anything special due to.... not wanting to go out during a pandemic i guess? so if you want to send a cute message it'd probably make them feel good :yellowheart:

selfie, eye contact, boosts ok 

Feeling really good about myself now that I'm back on HRT, even comfier with my more masc features c:

i was reading something once, some marketing thing by advertising money people probably, and it contained the idea of like, an anti-demographic, where you're doing product research and there's a persistent group of people where them liking (and buying) your product is a predictor that it's going to absolutely bomb. and you can identify these people and they're consistently like this. they fuck up all the statistics by liking things contrary to how the market should work. and i finally felt Known

Ok j'ai découvert le crime de Maureen c'est qui les complices je veux des noms

(je l'aime tellement)

moi aussi quelqu'un veut me payer le switch online ??

qui se souvient quand maureen était cis hétéro sans kink

Ajoutez moi pendant que je squatte la switch de Maureen !!


if you want to be rich tomorrow please send 25€ on my paypal

héhé en bonne michto j'ai sagement attendu que mon copain achète la switch et c'est moi qui jouerai quand il dormira 😎

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