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anyone: *writes with numbers instead of letters*
me: *smashes that block button*

Seeing someone say that Lt. Cortez from Mass Effect 3 is "in your face" about being gay makes me... go ugh very loudly

Idk, it just makes sense in the conversation for him to mention his late husband. People just instantly pick up on him being a RAGING HOMOSEXUAL instead of him saying "I lost someone I love and this affects my character"

Of course it serves the purpose of identifying him as gay, but it's so showing of how we're quick to marginalize and categorize LGBTQIA people way too quickly

Alors salut à tous, je suis dans une association qui cherche à donner l'accès au plus grand nombre à certaines séries animées mal représentées en France, et hier, Cartoon Network/La Turner a exigé la suppression de nos serveurs via notre hébergeur web. Nous avons un site qui explique tout, donc si vous pouviez lire et signer afin de nous soutenir ce serait génial, merci d'avance. N'hésitez pas à partager aussi le lien du site, c'est important.

ok should i have my housemate give me an undercut today? retoot for yes, fave for yes

people without glasses really out here seeing for free huh

I kissed Laureline and Maureen's neck. I seduce everyone with my love :blobblush:

is the baby driver movie really cool or is just the intro scene really catchy to hide a meh movie?

normal people: coffee
caffeine addited people: fast brain juice

this one needs to be reposted over and over

si vous voulez que je vous bloque répondez à ce toot

found out that a major furrycon is happening in the same arena as a major smash tournament in a city near me, and i have 2 thoughts:
a) the sweat will be unreal
b) new star-crossed lovers: a lucario-main smash pro wanders into the bathroom and a lucario-suiter is standing in front of the mirror. love @ first sight.

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