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Ok so. My electricity provider apparently decided to cut the power off from my place and I'll very probably need hundreds of euros to get it back, which I can't afford obviously lol

So if anyone wants to help me even for the tiniest amount... please? I can't even eat warm food (or keep it cold lol) or use hot water without electricity...

I can sell feet pics in exchange for money if that motivates you 😌 (i'm kinda serious lol)

If you'd like to use something else than paypal you can DM me and I can try to set a few things up, but here's my link :

Any help is greatly appreciated even if you just boost [🖼 :purpleheart:]

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maureen me fait mal volontairement et quand je m'en plains il dit que c'est bien fait pour ma gueule

osef mais c'est rigolo Show more

polls on tusky,,,,, fun,,,,,,,,

quelqu'un a un lien pour piratebay ou un truc comme ça svp

too many italians on this isntance i feel surrounded and ENDANGERED

ça fait longtemps que j'ai pas eu de période linkin park 👀

whom wants to buy my dumb bitch juice and dumb bitch bath water

if there's a Reverse-Flash why can't i be Reverse-Clever i'm such a dumb bitch

what do you think,,, i really like the overalls i think it's cute
(also yeah i'm wearing blue socks with heels and the pic's blurry)

i honestly have no idea why people keep choosing cnbt to register on mastodon but i sure hope they feel good on loved here

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